Genes Identified by Linkage and Association study

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Where does this data come from?

We collected Genome Wide Linkage Study (GWLS) data from two large-scale studie. Lewis et al. conducted a rank-based genome scan meta-analysis and identified multiple chromosomal regions that may harbor schizophrneia susceptibility variants and genes (Lewis et al. 2003. Genome scan meta-analysis of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, part II: Schizophrenia. The American Journal of Human Genetics, 73(1):34-48. [PMID: 12802786]). In 2009, Ng et al. also performed a systematic meta-analysis using 32 genomewide linkage studies of schizophrenia (Ng et al. 2009. Meta-analysis of 32 genome-wide linkage studies of schizophrenia. Molecular Psychiatry, 14(8):774-785. [PMID: 19349958]).
We also collected schizophrenia association genes from two studies. Allen et al. performed a systematic meta-analysis and identified multiple schizophrenia risk genes (Allen et al. 2008. Systematic meta-analyses and field synopsis of genetic association studies in schizophrenia: the SzGene database. Nature Genetics, 40(7):827-834. [PMID: 18583979 ]). Sun et al. performed a comprehensive survey of the published association studies and ranked candidate genes using a combined odds ratio method (Sun et al. 2008. Candidate genes for schizophrenia: a survey of association studies and gene ranking. American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part B, Neuropsychiatric Genetics. 147B(7):1173-1181. [PMID: 18361404]).
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