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Apr 08, 2019: SZDB2.0 is coming soon...

Dec 29, 2017: Add the largest GWAS result of Chinese population (Li et al., 2017, Natue Genetics) to SZDB

May 05, 2017: Genes identified by whole-genome sequencing of monozygotic twins discordant for schizophrenia were added to the                         database in download page.

Mar 16, 2017: Genes differentially expressed in schizophrenic hiPSC neurons relative to controls were added to the database.

Feb 28, 2017: Two GWAS studies (Yu et al., 2016, Molecular Psychiatry and Li et al., 2015, The British Journal of Psychiatry) results were                        added to the database.

Jul 14, 2016: Differential expression was detected in probe level, rather than gene level.

Jun 28, 2016: Manuscript "SZDB: A Database for Schizophrenia Genetic Research" was accepted by Schizophrenia Bulletin.

Jun 16, 2016: mQTL(DNA metylation quantitative trait loci) and DMPs (differentially methylated positions) results were added to the                        database

Jun 15, 2016: Exome sequencing results were added to the database

May 05, 2016: Update for homepage for better view

Apr 04, 2016: Manuscript "SZDB: A Database for Schizophrenia Genetic Research" submitted

Apr 02, 2016: Formally online

May 01, 2015: First online and test for bugs

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