Basic Information
Gene SymbolMLL5
Entrez Id55904
Descriptionlysine (K)-specific methyltransferase 2E
Gene typeprotein-coding
SNP Information

There is no SZ(PGC) snp in this gene!

CNV Information

The gene is not affected by CNV!

eQTL Information

There is no eQTL snp about this gene!

KEGG annotation
KEGG pathway annotationhsa00310; Lysine degradation
GO annotation
GO pathway annotationGO:0002446; neutrophil mediated immunity
GO pathway annotationGO:0003713; transcription coactivator activity
GO pathway annotationGO:0005515; protein binding
GO pathway annotationGO:0005654; nucleoplasm
GO pathway annotationGO:0005737; cytoplasm
GO pathway annotationGO:0005886; plasma membrane
GO pathway annotationGO:0006306; DNA methylation
GO pathway annotationGO:0006325; chromatin organization
GO pathway annotationGO:0006351; transcription, DNA-templated
GO pathway annotationGO:0007050; cell cycle arrest
GO pathway annotationGO:0008270; zinc ion binding
GO pathway annotationGO:0016607; nuclear speck
GO pathway annotationGO:0019899; enzyme binding
GO pathway annotationGO:0030218; erythrocyte differentiation
GO pathway annotationGO:0030854; positive regulation of granulocyte differentiation
GO pathway annotationGO:0042119; neutrophil activation
GO pathway annotationGO:0042800; histone methyltransferase activity (H3-K4 specific)
GO pathway annotationGO:0043231; intracellular membrane-bounded organelle
GO pathway annotationGO:0045171; intercellular bridge
GO pathway annotationGO:0045893; positive regulation of transcription, DNA-templated
GO pathway annotationGO:0048384; retinoic acid receptor signaling pathway
GO pathway annotationGO:0051568; histone H3-K4 methylation
GO pathway annotationGO:0070688; MLL5-L complex
GO pathway annotationGO:0071300; cellular response to retinoic acid
Co-expression Information

There is no gene co-express this gene!

Expression pattern
Note: Avg - average expression of all genes
Description Age Description Age Description Age
Embryonic4-8 PCWEarly fetal18-10 PCWEarly fetal210-13 PCW
Early mid-fetal113-16 PCWEarly mid-fetal216-19 PCWLate mid-fetal19-24 PCW
Late fetal24-38 PCWNeonatal & early infancy0-6 MLate infancy6-12 M
Early childhood1-6 YMiddle and late childhood6-12 YAdolescence12-20 Y
Young adulthood20-40 YMiddle adulthood40-60 YLate adulthood60 Y+
Protein-protein interaction

There is no PPI information about this gene in InWeb