Basic Information
Gene SymbolHIST1H2BJ
Entrez Id8970
Descriptionhistone cluster 1, H2bj
Gene typeprotein-coding
SNP Information

There is no SZ(PGC) snp in this gene!

CNV Information

The gene is not affected by CNV!

eQTL Information

There is no eQTL snp about this gene!

KEGG annotation
KEGG pathway annotationhsa05034; Alcoholism
KEGG pathway annotationhsa05203; Viral carcinogenesis
KEGG pathway annotationhsa05322; Systemic lupus erythematosus
GO annotation
GO pathway annotationGO:0000786; nucleosome
GO pathway annotationGO:0000788; nuclear nucleosome
GO pathway annotationGO:0002227; innate immune response in mucosa
GO pathway annotationGO:0003677; DNA binding
GO pathway annotationGO:0005615; extracellular space
GO pathway annotationGO:0005634; nucleus
GO pathway annotationGO:0005654; nucleoplasm
GO pathway annotationGO:0005737; cytoplasm
GO pathway annotationGO:0006325; chromatin organization
GO pathway annotationGO:0006334; nucleosome assembly
GO pathway annotationGO:0019731; antibacterial humoral response
GO pathway annotationGO:0046982; protein heterodimerization activity
GO pathway annotationGO:0050830; defense response to Gram-positive bacterium
Co-expression Information

There is no gene co-express this gene!

Expression pattern
Note: Avg - average expression of all genes
Description Age Description Age Description Age
Embryonic4-8 PCWEarly fetal18-10 PCWEarly fetal210-13 PCW
Early mid-fetal113-16 PCWEarly mid-fetal216-19 PCWLate mid-fetal19-24 PCW
Late fetal24-38 PCWNeonatal & early infancy0-6 MLate infancy6-12 M
Early childhood1-6 YMiddle and late childhood6-12 YAdolescence12-20 Y
Young adulthood20-40 YMiddle adulthood40-60 YLate adulthood60 Y+
Protein-protein interaction