Basic Information
Gene SymbolCYP17A1
Entrez Id1586
Descriptioncytochrome P450, family 17, subfamily A, polypeptide 1
Gene typeprotein-coding
SNP Information


  Note: RegulomeDB score*
score supporting data score supporting data
1aeQTL + TF binding + matched TF motif + matched DNase Footprint + DNase peak6other
2aTF binding + matched TF motif + matched DNase Footprint + DNase peak5TF binding or DNase peak
1beQTL + TF binding + any motif + DNase Footprint + DNase peak4TF binding + DNase peak
2bTF binding + any motif + DNase Footprint + DNase peak3bTF binding + matched TF motif
1ceQTL + TF binding + matched TF motif + DNase peak1feQTL + TF binding / DNase peak
2cTF binding + matched TF motif + DNase peak3aTF binding + any motif + DNase peak
1deQTL + TF binding + any motif + DNase peak1eeQTL + TF binding + matched TF motif
CNV Information

The gene is not affected by CNV!

eQTL Information

There is no eQTL snp about this gene!

KEGG annotation
KEGG pathway annotationhsa00140; Steroid hormone biosynthesis
KEGG pathway annotationhsa01100; Metabolic pathways
KEGG pathway annotationhsa04913; Ovarian steroidogenesis
KEGG pathway annotationhsa04917; Prolactin signaling pathway
GO annotation
GO pathway annotationGO:0004508; steroid 17-alpha-monooxygenase activity
GO pathway annotationGO:0005506; iron ion binding
GO pathway annotationGO:0005739; mitochondrion
GO pathway annotationGO:0005783; endoplasmic reticulum
GO pathway annotationGO:0005789; endoplasmic reticulum membrane
GO pathway annotationGO:0006694; steroid biosynthetic process
GO pathway annotationGO:0006702; androgen biosynthetic process
GO pathway annotationGO:0006704; glucocorticoid biosynthetic process
GO pathway annotationGO:0006805; xenobiotic metabolic process
GO pathway annotationGO:0007548; sex differentiation
GO pathway annotationGO:0008202; steroid metabolic process
GO pathway annotationGO:0009635; response to herbicide
GO pathway annotationGO:0010034; response to acetate
GO pathway annotationGO:0010212; response to ionizing radiation
GO pathway annotationGO:0016125; sterol metabolic process
GO pathway annotationGO:0017085; response to insecticide
GO pathway annotationGO:0018879; biphenyl metabolic process
GO pathway annotationGO:0018894; dibenzo-p-dioxin metabolic process
GO pathway annotationGO:0018958; phenol-containing compound metabolic process
GO pathway annotationGO:0018963; phthalate metabolic process
GO pathway annotationGO:0019825; oxygen binding
GO pathway annotationGO:0020037; heme binding
GO pathway annotationGO:0021766; hippocampus development
GO pathway annotationGO:0030325; adrenal gland development
GO pathway annotationGO:0030424; axon
GO pathway annotationGO:0030728; ovulation
GO pathway annotationGO:0031667; response to nutrient levels
GO pathway annotationGO:0032526; response to retinoic acid
GO pathway annotationGO:0033327; Leydig cell differentiation
GO pathway annotationGO:0034097; response to cytokine
GO pathway annotationGO:0042446; hormone biosynthetic process
GO pathway annotationGO:0042448; progesterone metabolic process
GO pathway annotationGO:0042493; response to drug
GO pathway annotationGO:0043025; neuronal cell body
GO pathway annotationGO:0044281; small molecule metabolic process
GO pathway annotationGO:0047442; 17-alpha-hydroxyprogesterone aldolase activity
GO pathway annotationGO:0048545; response to steroid hormone
GO pathway annotationGO:0051591; response to cAMP
GO pathway annotationGO:0051597; response to methylmercury
GO pathway annotationGO:0055114; oxidation-reduction process
GO pathway annotationGO:0060992; response to fungicide
GO pathway annotationGO:0071222; cellular response to lipopolysaccharide
GO pathway annotationGO:0071236; cellular response to antibiotic
GO pathway annotationGO:0071371; cellular response to gonadotropin stimulus
GO pathway annotationGO:0090031; positive regulation of steroid hormone biosynthetic process
Co-expression Information

There is no gene co-express this gene!

Expression pattern
Note: Avg - average expression of all genes
Description Age Description Age Description Age
Embryonic4-8 PCWEarly fetal18-10 PCWEarly fetal210-13 PCW
Early mid-fetal113-16 PCWEarly mid-fetal216-19 PCWLate mid-fetal19-24 PCW
Late fetal24-38 PCWNeonatal & early infancy0-6 MLate infancy6-12 M
Early childhood1-6 YMiddle and late childhood6-12 YAdolescence12-20 Y
Young adulthood20-40 YMiddle adulthood40-60 YLate adulthood60 Y+
Protein-protein interaction